Jan 30

What would you like to see on vTagion?


What would you all like to learn or see here on vTagion? As I go through posting how-to’s, creating a lab, and anything I am working on that has to do with Virtualization, I would like to be able to fill the needs of my readers. The question is open-ended. Please respond in the comments section!




  1. James B

    I want multiple operating systems with GUI interfaces on my NAS box, and I want to be able to login to each one with the fastest means possible. Remoting into a OS isn’t too fast, but I guess there are ways.

  2. Brian Graf

    @James B
    What do you want to do on the operating systems? vSphere seems to be pretty good and being fast enough through the vSphere console as well as the console in vcenter server.

  3. James B

    I want to run various tests with my programs I write. It helps to have different OSs to make sure all the users get the same experience. Also, some virus testing on a ui system.

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