Sep 20

VMworld Las Vegas – vHike 2016 – Success!

After a great, yet exhausting VMworld at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas this year, the party had not finished. We started what we will be calling #vHike, which we hope to grow and do each year that VMworld is close to a location which will allow us to do so.

What was vHike?


vHike was a little informal hiking activity I threw together with very little time to prepare, but was a great success. We started with a van-full of folks who had expressed interest in staying an extra 1-2 days after the conference and we planned on hiking 2 full days in Zion National Park (This turned out to be quite ambitious).

When all was said and done, we had a few cancellations and dropped vHike down to a single day.

Friday morning we headed out of Saint George, Utah at roughly 6:30 in the morning and drove about one hour North-East to Zions. There we geared up and hiked Angels Landing known for its steep climb, but amazing views. This hike, although only 5-miles, is quite strenuous as well as dangerous (for those who have never been, Angels landing has many areas that are only 2 feet wide with a sheer dropoff of 1,500 feet down).

Once we finished Angels landing and enjoyed the views from the top of the cliff, we bussed in to the end of the canyon to an area called Temple of Sinawava, the ending of the 19-mile hike ‘The Narrows’. We walked to the river and then went a few miles in, experiencing the wet shoes, cold water, and amazing beauties of the slot canyon. Because of the weather forecast, and a high-probability for flash flooding, we did not spend much time in the slot canyon and came back to more open areas.

Afterwards, I drove the vHikers up to the top of another point in the park, which required us to go through a tunnel drilled through sandstone in the side of the mountain and we came back down for dinner. We ate in a small town called Springdale, Utah, where we ate ‘Murder Burgers’ and ‘Big-Ass Burgers’.

Not only was VMworld a success, but being able to head out of Las Vegas and enjoy some of the natural beauties around the area was refreshing. I also enjoyed getting to know those who came (folks from Australia, Germany, and Maryland). The community is a great thing and I look forward to getting an even larger group next year to hike in another National Park around the area.

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