Dec 07

Best Virtual Floppy (FLP) Creator for VMware

While working on some tasks within my VI I came across the need to create a .flp image for a VM. I’d used some virtual floppy images in the past but had yet to actually need to create my own. After browsing google results for virtual floppy image creators, and trying about 5, the best, easiest, and most light-weight program I found was BFI – Build Floppy Image .   Surprisingly it was last updated on November 4, 2002, it still works like a charm though. BFI is a commandline utility (if you’re not big into CLI don’t freak out, it’s easy). The file itself is 90k and running it from command prompt will show you available commands. BFI Screenshot   When you have all the files you want in your virtual floppy image are ready, run BFI and type the commands you want. The easiest example I can give you that has worked well for me is: bfi -f=c:\temp\outputfilename.flp c:\temp\nameoffolderwithfilestocopy IT’s THAT SIMPLE! once you hit ‘Enter’ the image will be created and you can upload it to a datastore and connected it as a virtual floppy disk to any of your VM’s. Enjoy!

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