Feb 25

vCenter 6 Data Source Name (DSN) setup

When installing vCenter 6, you will be guided through the install wizard. One of the requirements is a 64-bit Data Source Name (DSN) if you are connecting to a remote SQL database.

Follow these steps to get your DSN setup quickly and be on your merry way:

1. Open ‘Control Panel

2. Select ‘Administrative Tools

3. Double-click ‘ODBC Data Sources (64-bit)

Screenshot 2015-01-29 08.44.18

4. Select the ‘System DSN’ tab.Screenshot 2015-01-29 08.44.25

5. DO NOT SELECT SQL SERVER FROM THE LIST! if this is the only option that shows up you will have to download and install the SQL Server Native Client from Microsoft HERE:

Screenshot 2015-01-29 08.44.35

6. Once ‘SQL Server Native Client’ is available, select it and click ‘Finish’.Screenshot 2015-01-29 08.44.39

7. Choose a name for the data source. I keep mine as descriptive as possible. ‘vCenter’ is pretty easy to remember what the data source will be for. Add a description (optional), and input the ‘Server’ the database is located on.

Screenshot 2015-01-29 08.44.56

8. Select the authentication used by the database. I used SQL Server Authentication.Screenshot 2015-01-29 08.45.21

9. Check ‘Change the default database to:’ and select the specific database on the database server that will be used by vCenter 6. Leave the rest as defaults. Click ‘Next’.Screenshot 2015-01-29 08.45.31

10. Click ‘Finish’.Screenshot 2015-01-29 08.45.42

You now have a 64-bit DSN that can be used to install vCenter Server 6 with a remote database.

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  1. AAMIR

    The Vcenter unable to qualify the connection test. It is failed, while the installation user of the VCenter and the SQL 2014, are both created locally and under domain AD. Have both rights for logon as service etc.
    If i user SQL builtin client the connection is tested successfully. But with MS Native Client it is not successful. VMware says it shall be Native Client.

    Any Advise

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