May 18

Tinkertry… A Great Source For Virtualization, Storage, and IT Information

Tinker with cool gear! Try new things! Once again, credit should be given where it is deserved. Lately I have been getting quite a bit of traffic from Tinkertry.com.  Paul Braren, the owner of the site, does a fantastic job at producing great posts and how-to’s on IT related topics. Between guides, how-to’s, and just plain interesting articles, I have found myself diving deeper and deeper into his blog. I would hope that any of you that are reading this post will take the time to check out Paul’s content and see what new things you will learn. Thanks Paul for your support and good luck moving forward with Tinkertry.com



  1. Paul Braren

    What a nice surprise today, as I tried a Bing search on a Best Buy Microsoft Surface Pro, there was this article.
    Thank you Brian!
    -Paul Braren, from the store’s Microsoft Surface Pro.

    1. Paul Braren

      So glad to hear the Apr 3 2013 post:
      “vTagion.com “Virtualization is contagious” – a very new blog, already many good articles”
      has helped you out a bit. Well deserved.
      I know I always enjoy reading your articles!

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