Feb 11

System Logs on Host Are Stored On Non-Persistent Storage



ESXi Host has a yellow caution icon and a message stating: “Configuration Issues – System logs on host [hostname] are stored on non-persistent storage.”

10 - 003

10 - 004


This can happen for several reasons. I’m guessing that if you are reading this it is because you just barely setup a new host and you are receiving this error. In my situation, my 2 hosts in my homelab are booting from 8GB USB Flash drives. There is plenty of room to allow for logs to be stored on the flash drives but I instead want them stored on one of my datastores. In this case, I will be storing them on an NFS datastore.


  • Select the host that has the warning and click on the “CONFIGURATION” tab.
  • A new window pops up.

10 - 005

  •  Select ‘SYSLOG’ > ‘GLOBAL’
  • The setting you will need to update is the ‘SYSLOG.GLOBAL.LOGDIR’

10 - 006

  •  Add the Datastore name inside the brackets ‘[]’, followed by ‘/’ + [folder name]
  • If you want to add the logs to the flash drive (or location where ESXi is installed) just add empty brackets ‘[]’ + /folder name

10 - 002

  •  Click ‘OK’

10 - 001

After several seconds you will see the warning icon disappear and your ESXi host will be ready to log away!

10 - 008



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  1. Steve

    Worked nice. I was just going to ignore the message but as this was easy I decided to change it. Booting from a 4GB USB.

  2. Ciaran

    Great post….read some other articles but none were as clear as this as to how to format the entry for the path.
    Nice one and appreciated.

  3. Francisco Batista

    What about vSphere Syslog Collector? Wouldn’t it also solve this problem\alarm?


    1. Brian Graf

      Thanks for the comment Francisco. I’m not completely sure off the top of my head, but I will test this out later this week and get back to you.

  4. Joshua Townsend

    You should be able to automate this with PowerCLI – something like:

    get-vmhost | Set-VMHostAdvancedConfiguration Syslog.global.logDir “[]`/logs”

    my one-liner doesn’t quite work – a space is injected between the ] and /. Any suggestions?

    1. Brian Graf

      There should be a space between the ] and /. This is the format vSphere uses. I did the following and it works correctly for me.
      Get-vmhost | get-AdvancedSetting Syslog.global.logdir
      get-vmhost | set-VMHostAdvancedConfiguration Syslog.global.logDir ‘[] /VSAN/logs’

      which worked fine.
      There is another method that you would have to use to use the Set-AdvancedSetting for Syslog.global.logdir. The VMHostAdvancedConfiguration should do just fine though. If you are getting an error it’s most likely you are specifying the wrong datastore path.

  5. Abdul Mohsin

    Thanks a lot.

    Great article..

    Resolved my issue.

    Best Regards.

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