Feb 14

Synology Deduplication For Virtualization


So, I love my Synology DS412+. The ONE AND ONLY downside I have found with it, is the lack of de-duplication software. My dream with this current Synology would be to throw in a few Samsung 840 Pro SSD’s and create a dedupe store for all of the OS’s and other specific applications.

Synology prides itself in having an app-center where you can download applications built by Synology or by third-parties. But there isn’t any applications that would run deduplication available yet. I wrote Synology and got a response back today. It says:

“Thank you for your support of Synology!

We are looking into the possibility to include deduplication in a future release, but I’m afraid I don’t have a timeline available at present.  Currently, due to the overhead required, this would need to be handled by a 3rd party utility.I will certainly add your vote for deduplication to the list!  If you would like to be notified of updates automatically, I would invite you to sign up for our eNews here.http://www.synology.com/us/news/us/subscribe_pr/subscribe_pr.php

Best Regards,
Senior Product Specialist

Synology America Corp

So, unfortunately this wasn’t the news that I’d wanted to hear but at least it’s a start. For those of you who also use Synology products and are interested in pushing for deduplication utilities by Synology, head over to their site and let your voice be heard!

For those interested in Deduplication currently there are a few options, namely Nexentastor which allows for deduplication. Check out their site.



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