Oct 17

Restarting vCenter Services in vSphere 6.5



Gone are the days of /etc/init.d for vSphere services. VMware has come up with a better method to handle working with the services and watchdogs that were in vSphere 6 (and yes, there were many)! VMON now simplifies the watchdog services as well as provides a framework for handling services, APIs, and CLIs moving forward.


there is a new CLI called vmon-cli. vmon-cli is a new service life-cycle management framework for better managing our services.

– vMon acts as a single watchdog that is always on the watch!
– vMon provides a platform independent way for services integrating with vCenter Server.
– vMon provides service life-cycle management APIs and CLIs.
– vMon is able to pick up and manage a new service’s life cycle joining vSphere asynchronously.

Here are the usage options:


Now, instead of restarting services using:

/etc/init.d/service ServiceName start

you will now use vmon-cli:

/usr/lib/vmware-vmon/vmon-cli -r ServiceName

To restart the vSphere-Client in vSphere 6.5:
/usr/lib/vmware-vmon/vmon-cli -r vsphere-client

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