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PowerCLI 6.3 R1 – https://my.vmware.com/group/vmware/get-download?downloadGroup=PCLI630R1


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PowerCLI 6.3 R1 –pcli63r1poster


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PowerCLI Book

VMware vSphere PowerCLI Reference

by: Luc Dekens, Jonathan Medd, Glenn Sizemore, Brian Graf, Andrew Sullivan and Matt Boren

A great book for both beginners as well as intermediate/advanced PowerCLI users.


PowerCLI VMware Hands-on-Labs













HOL-SDC-1607 is a great way for users to start learning PowerCLI without worrying about potentially messing things up in their own environments. This Hands-on-Labs will walk you through:

  • Getting Started with PowerShell and PowerCLI
  • Using PowerCLI for reporting
  • Exporting report results to various formats
  • Setting up and configuring a cluster
  • Moving hosts to the cluster
  • Setting up and configuring virtual distributed switches
  • Creating a VM and vMotioning it between hosts
  • Creating multiple VMs and tagging them
  • Modifying multiple VMs based on their tag
  • Configuring and deploying an OVF template

. You can preview the manual HEREpowercli-hol1 powercli-hol2


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