Oct 29

PowerCLI 5.8r1 Reference Poster Now Available!


*10/30/2014 – v2 has been published and is available at the download links below

Back by popular demand! For all of you poster lovers out there, we have been getting so many people asking us if there would be a new version of the PowerCLI 5.1 poster that we went ahead and created an updated poster for PowerCLI 5.8r1.

We have added in all of the new and latest cmdlets to the upper-half of the poster, organized by task or object. The lower-half has examples of commands or tasks that we see are being used frequently, or that are just handy to have for reference.

We’ve also added links to the PowerCLI social media pages for Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Take a look at the other links we have throughout the poster as well.


A special thanks to Alan Renouf (@alanrenouf) and Luc Dekens (@LucD22) for their contributions as well.

You can download this poster directly from http://bit.ly/PowerCLIPosterv2 or visit http://vmware.com/go/posters

For best printing results, this should be printed with dimensions 42″ x 20″ and the PDF should be scaled for 42″ x 20″ as well.

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