Sep 22

New PowerCLI function: Get-DeployedProduct returns a list of products, versions, and important URLs

I’ve seen this question a few times and finally figured I’d throw something out on the web for folks.


For those of you still running the C# client (yes, I’m looking at you!) you may notice that some VM’s have Product, Version, and Vendor properties in the VM Summary page. In the example below, clicking on ‘NAKIVO Backup and Replication’ will open a web browser and take me right to their website.
















In the web client, you will see this under ‘vApp Details’ even though it’s not a vApp… However, what if you wanted to get a list of all of the VM’s that had this data, and report on versions, and which VM’s these products are in?


And that is exactly where my script comes in handy. Running ‘Get-DeployedProduct’ will bring back all the VM’s in your vCenter with product information, and return it in a nice list for you.

product-information-01You can also just export it to a CSV for documentation purposes or archiving. You can do this by typing *You will have to be connected to vCenter to return this data*


Simple, yet effective. You can grab it on GitHub HERE, ENJOY!


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  1. gapsel

    Great function. Thanks for sharing.

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