Feb 07

Managing and Planning IP Addressing For Your Lab

If this is the first lab that you are creating you may realize as you get into building it out that you should have a method to the madness of IP Address Allocations. It is very easy to quickly soil your entire subnet by throwing IP addresses out there with each new VM. So, before you start building out your lab, you should sit down and make a simple spreadsheet (or head over to SOLARWINDS and get a 30-day trial of their IP Address Manager [IPAM]). If you go with just the spreadsheet, all you’ll want to do is create a method for allocating IP addresses.


In the screenshot below (Version 1 of my first lab) I listed all of my physical hardware that would be involved in my lab and gave them low IP addresses. I then started listing specific servers that I knew I would have and gave them addresses (generally within about 10 addresses of one another), and then left a space for other machines I would be adding. As you can see, some of these share an IP address (Host1 &2 have 2 NICs but 1 IP address each, as well as the NAS). This is because these are either setup as failover NICs or setup for Link Aggregation, sharing the same logical IP address. By planning ahead I was able to keep all of my hardware addresses at .22 or below, leaving me plenty more addresses to utilize in the future.






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