Feb 15

IP Address Automation Script

So, I get tired of going in and changing IP addresses on virtual machines beit just in my own lab, remotely through Terminal Services for other people, or in performing P2V or V2V migrations.  One of my biggest beefs is (especially if I’m Citrix’d or RDP’d into a machine, connected to vCenter, then consoled into a machine) the latency of the mouse when you have several nested connections. Changing IP address settings can end up taking several minutes and if you are taking care of a dozen or more machines, this starts adding up.


I created an Excel spreadsheet (similar to the one in my first IP Address Automation post) that allows you to track the Network information of all of your servers. This is especially useful when planning out your environment. Once the information has been placed or organized in this worksheet:

  • click “RUN MACRO” or click “ctrl+B”

  • The Network Settings form will open.
  • Click the drop-down box and select the desired server.

  • You will see that the correct fields will be filled automatically
  • Click “Create Batch File” this will place the batch file in your c:\Temp\ folder
  • Click “Open Folder” to open the C:\Temp\ folder


  • Copy and paste the file into your VM
  • Right-click ‘Run as Administrator’

  • Let it run. There are updates in the command prompt. Once it completes, you are done! Although this was shown in a handful of steps the total time to use this is about 30 seconds or less.



If you have any questions or concerns, let me know!



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