Apr 05

Giving Credit Where Credit is Due…

thankyouNot sure if it’s the spring weather, or if the “Grateful Fairy” sprinkled some dust on me the past few weeks, but I’ve wanted to recognize a number of people who have had an influence on me over the past several years for their help and influence. Getting to where I am has been an accumulation of hard work, sweat, late nights, and personal motivation over the course of the last decade, but a number of my decisions I’ve made have also been influenced through consulting with others that have ‘been there, and done that.’

Christopher Kusek (@CXI), who was a large influencer in my diving deeper and accelerating my learning of VMware products. I’d initally been a Hyper-V guy when jumping into virtualization because of the cost to learn and get started. When I joined EMC, Christopher gave me a kick in the pants to get up to snuff with VMware and become an expert. Thanks Christopher, it’s paid off!

Scott Lowe (@Scott_Lowe) – Two years ago, the Salt Lake City VMUG Conference announced that Scott Lowe would be the keynote speaker for the event. Having followed Scott for a while, and having watched his Train Signal (now Pluralsight) lessons, I reached out to him to see if I could take him out to dinner after the conference. Scott politely declined (he’s a busy guy), but he did end up messaging me on twitter that day that he had some time to talk. We had a pleasant chat and I asked him for some counsel on a few situations I was facing in work. I still remember exactly what he responded, and it was because of that discussion that I decided to make the jump to VMware and pursue a different direction in my career. I’ve loved the journey.

Alan Renouf (@alanrenouf) – I was lucky enough to come into Technical Marketing at VMware when Alan was just about to transition out to his current role (Product Line Manager – CLI’s and APIs). When I pulled up on VMware’s campus my first day on the job, I got an email from my manager that Alan would be meeting me and getting me squared away with everything. One of the first things that struck me when meeting Alan was his humility. Alan is a very well-known figure in the PowerCLI/Automation and VMware communities, published, and brilliant. If I had not seen any presentations, read his book, or seen his following online, I would not have been able to distinguish him from a normal Joe Shmoe that I strike up a conversation with at the airport. Alan got me on my feet at VMware and has been a great colleague who has given me a number of opportunities to grow and shine within the company as well as externally.

Ben Sier (@DataReload)- Ben is one of those guys that get’s things done, works his butt off, and is happy to know that he’s made a difference, without trying and yearning to be in the spotlight. Don’t get me wrong, he’s definitely a guy for a spotlight. Ben has worked with me on an internal project for the greater part of my time at VMware, we’ve had dozens of 2am laughs and conversations as we try to beat out the issues that presented themselves in what we were working on. He’s been a great asset and mentor in meeting others, finding information internally, and a great friend.

There are so many others that I do not have time or ability to name here, but I would like them all to know, “You know who you are”… Thank you for your support, conversations and discussions, and laughs.

Also a big thanks to the entire community. I have always been impressed and amazed at the unique type of community we have within virtualization. It is a very rare type of community, mostly driven by individuals passions to learn and grow, yet also share that knowledge with others. Every conference I present at or attend, I enjoy meeting you all. Thank you to everyone who has produced meaningful content, study guides, scripts, blog posts, and papers. Not just a thank you from me, but from the thousands of others who have been able to benefit from all of your/our joined efforts to further technology,education, and talent. As I mentor individuals who have reached out for help, I am delighted to pay it forward. It is great to also be able to guide these individuals to your content as well.

May we all continue to ‘Pay it Forward’ for what we’ve received… and may we continue to cultivate a community of learning, helping, caring, sharing, and improving ourselves and one another together.

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