May 21

My Experience with Google Fiber Support… Not what I expected…

FiberSo, the bad, ugly, and unexpected horror happened this morning… Our internet was down. Part way through my workday (and on a day where I will be helping with an online forum) the internet dies, the wifi on my modem disappears, and I am stuck… I first tried rebooting my router; nothing… I then got on my phone and looked for places around with free wifi. I decided to go to Buffalo Wild Wings because, well… Who doesn’t want to eat some wings for lunch?

When I got there I pulled out my laptop and got on the online chat with Google Fiber Support. I was met by ‘Sir Jarod’ and well… The rest was not like anything I’d experienced with any other customer service center… I will let you read the transcript:

[12:27 PM] Brian has joined the room
[12:27 PM] Jarod has joined the room
[12:27 PM] Jarod: Hi there! I am Sir Jarod! I am a Fiber Knight, and I’ll be your Guide to all things Google Fiber! Whom do I have the pleasure of addressing today?
[12:32 PM] Brian: I’m Brian
[12:32 PM] Brian: Sir Jarod, how are your horses today?
[12:33 PM] Brian: are the stables of the kingdom up and running at full capacity today?
[12:34 PM] Brian: Apparently you are busy… are you attending a meeting with the other knights of the round table?
[12:34 PM] Jarod: They are indeed Lord Brian!
[12:34 PM] Brian: Good to hear
[12:35 PM] Brian: I fear the enemy has invaded our internet in our lands…. It appears they have taken down our google fiber
[12:35 PM] Jarod: I apologize for my delayed response Brianwe have been beset by a fearsome Dragon interfering with our affairs and causing quite a stir in the kingdom
[12:35 PM] Jarod: Aha, it would appear you are aware of the whispers around the kingdom
[12:36 PM] Brian: the dragon… who has been tasked with slaying such a beast? do we have an ETA on the final battle?
[12:36 PM] Brian: As well, do we have word from the peasants of the damage caused by the dragon?
[12:37 PM] Brian: This Dragon has caused such damage to my land that I have had to tr avel a far to a Buffalo Wild Wings to converse with you Knight Jarod
[12:37 PM] Jarod: It would appear this dragon is sneaky and has caused a fault in the most recent update to the software of the network box
[12:38 PM] Jarod: Our engineers are designing a special catapult to slay the beast and restore order to the lands
[12:38 PM] Jarod: In the mean time you may be able to break the dreaded enchantment cast by the dragon by Hard resetting the Network box.
[12:38 PM] Brian: I pray this catapult is engineered quickly as to not have more casualties
[12:39 PM] Brian: would a hard reset keep my settings intact? I mean,. would dealing a blow to the network box mess up my beautiful decorations in my castle?
[12:39 PM] Jarod: It would cause your previous spell weavings and delicate settings for your browsing to be erased. Alas this action ends all spells.
[12:40 PM] Brian: in that case I shall head to the forge to master my next dragon-ending sword, and head into battle with our brethren. This dragon must be stopped. Knight Jarod, I pray thee well.. Carry on and thank you for your time
[12:41 PM] Jarod: Y ou’re very welcome Lord Brian! Is there anything else I can do to be of assistance?
[12:41 PM] Brian: slay that damned dragon! God-speed! smile emoticon
[12:42 PM] Jarod: Indeed Lord Brian! Fair well! Thank you for contacting Google Fiber! If you think of any other questions, feel free to contact us again via chat, phone or email. Have a great day!


All joking aside, I was frustrated the internet was out. But how could I be mad after a conversation like this? Sincere kudos to Google Fiber Support for their humor and positive way of helping their customers!

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