Feb 14

ESXi Installation – Relocating modules and starting up the kernel

As I was going through my blog I realized I’d written this over a year ago and published it as a draft. so here you go, one year later.

If you’ve ever tried to install ESX and had the boot pause/freeze on “Relocating modules and starting up the kernel” you’ll need a simple little fix to continue going. From what I’ve seen this only happens on servers that are not a part of the current VMware Hardware Compatibility List (HCL).

relocating modules1

The trick here is to restart the installer/boot sequence. When starting up:

  • Press Shift+O during startup of an ESXi 5.5 installation.
  • Append the boot option
  • Press the Enter key to continue boot.


Once installation is completed, set the VMkernel boot-time parameter in persistent configuration using the command:
esxcfg-advcfg -k TRUE ignoreHeadless

This should get you on your way to running ESX on a non HCL hardware.


  1. Oscar


    I tried to append the boot opcion but the problem it’s the same

    Another solution?

    I’m installing esx nested hyper-v(Windows 8.1)



  2. Daniel Scott-Raynsford

    This actually worked for me installing ESXi in a Hyper-V host using Nested Virtualization, but ONLY using a Gen 1 (BIOS) Hyper-V VM. Gen 2 (UEFI) hosts do not seem to work.

    However, you’ll still run into another problem installing ESXi inside a Hyper-V host – neither Legacy or Virtual net adapters are recognized so ESXi refuses to install.

    Haven’t found a solution to this.

  3. bilal bozduman

    successful. Thank you Brian.

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