Mar 16

Deploy vCenter Server 6 (vCSA6) with PowerCLI

For many of you who are just downloading vSphere 6 for the first time, You may find that you cannot deploy vCSA via c# or webclient. Is it a pain? well, at first it was for me. Now I don’t mind it.. Two options are to either use the vcsa-deploy.exe or use the vsphere plugin. I wanted to show you how I deploy a vCSA with embedded PSC and embedded database.
You can take the script below and tweak the values for your own environment:

Screenshot 2015-03-12 14.36.31

I urge you to take some time to look into the insides of your vCSA as you will find it is much different from previous versions. You will find there is no :5480 in version 6. As you can see below there are 11 hard disks. These split out specific features, databases, and log files which allow for easier expansion of a disk if necessary. I also advise each of you to take a look at the new vSphere documentation.

Screenshot 2015-03-12 14.38.02


  1. VCSA

    The OVA is supplied in the ISO image, so you can deploy it via C# client or Web client or even in VMware Workstation.

    See screenshot


    1. Brian Graf

      Your solution does not work correctly. This is documented in many places and is the reason that the ISO is bundled with the vcsa deploy exe. The c#, web client, and fusion cannot read all the properties correctly and although it will deploy, it will be unusable.

  2. VCSA

    deploys and works correctly from an existing vSphere 5.5 environment here. If using vCD, however it does not read the properties correctly

    This site says the same thing, http://www.jaas.co/2015/03/14/where-is-the-ovaovf-for-vcenter-6-0-appliance/

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