Jan 29

Building The New Lab: Part 1

So since I outgrew my VMware Workstation lab (technically I guess I could have put some more ram into it but I wanted to work with the real product) I decided to start looking for some HP Proliants or Dell Poweredge Servers. I decided to save some money and started browsing Ebay for a good deal on some decent servers. As time went on I decided that cost-wise, I was much better off building out my own solutions to play with. I will post my configuration a little further down this post.

My biggest questions before buying/building out a lab were:

  1. What is the real purpose behind building out a lab? I want to get my VCAP-DCA and VCAP-DCD Certs 
  2. What is the benefit? ROI?? This will allow me to become intimately familiar with VMware’s infrastructure and layout.
  3. What am I taking away from all of this? Knowledge and experience that will hopefully give me an edge in the tech industry (and maybe a higher salary, right?)
  4. Can I really do it? Psh! Of Course I can!
  5. Will I really use it? We won’t really know til I’ve got it (so far I’ve used it every day)

I also did a Pros/Cons list to make sure I felt justified in spending several thousand dollars on a lab. Of course, I had to get approval from my finance department (aka MY WIFE!)

I then started to scope out  what I wanted. This was quite simple. I wanted enough resources to build out a decent lab that ran fully automated HA/DRS with Fault-Tolerance, etc. I started browsing through some of Lenovo‘s powerful workstations and  Newegg.com‘s inventory and realized that my build was going to come out to be over $15,000… So, I took it back to the whiteboard and started over. Do I really need 256 gigs of RAM? Do I really need 2xXeon 6-core processors? Do I really need a 10TB NAS? 

I scaled it down a bit… and then some more…. and then some more…. If there is one thing I have learned in the past it is “do not make an impulse buy!” I slept on it for about a week, then changed it up a little more. In the end I purchased the following…. (Building The New Lab: Part 2)



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