Nov 30

Here’s to new beginnings

cli2I’ve watched numerous folks in the community in the past 6 months or so post about moving into different roles and I really felt it was nice to see friends and colleagues in the community moving up and on into bigger and better things.

While I didn’t think I had any of that in my near future, I couldn’t have been more wrong! It happened almost out of nowhere but felt like it was the right thing to do and I look forward to putting all of my energy into my new role.

I have recently accepted the new role of Product Manager for the Distributed Resource Management technologies at VMware (yep, couldn’t leave this fantastic company!). I will be transitioning into this new role at the beginning of the year.

What does this mean? What will I be doing?

Those are both good questions, and questions I’m hoping to better answer myself in the near future as I begin to have meetings with my new teams. As far as generalities go, I will be leading the DRS/HA and any other form of Distributed Resource Management (can’t talk about it at this point) found in our products, creating the roadmaps, and making critical decisions around what our products will be able to do for our customers. This will include working with all of our product teams throughout the company to bring you all the best technology and hopefully even bring you some more “WOW!” factor in the upcoming months 🙂 we shall see…

Why did I decide to change roles?

There are a number of factors. However, this has truly been one of the most difficult decisions for me to make. I have absolutely loved Technical Marketing, more than any other job and without a shadow of a doubt I could be content in staying in Tech Marketing for several more years.. I’ve loved presenting at conferences and VMUGs all over the world, including the latest being in Barcelona and Singapore, what a blast that has been. On top of that, getting to know so many amazing people all around the world has been such a humbling experience for myself. I’ve loved working with Alan Renouf as my PM for PowerCLI, and with Salil Suri who is the PM for ESXi Lifecycle, both of these guys are amazing people and I have learned many things from them.

But at the end of the day, it’s not enough just to be content and comfortable in a role, at least not for me… I’ve always been one to challenge myself and challenge the status quo. I have friends who have been in a single job/role for years and years and are perfectly content to do so for the next 10-15, however, I thirst for knowledge and experience. I thrive on learning and making a difference. The biggest factor into taking on a new role, and one such as this, is the ability to enact change in our products. Now don’t get me wrong, that’s not to say that our DRM technologies need to be “fixed” perse, it’s about the ability to be in a role where MY DECISIONS affect our products and essentially, the company… I wanted to move into a role where I can leverage my knowledge, experience, passion, etc, to deliver amazing technologies and continue to help lead VMware as a leader in this industry. At the end of the day, it is about making a difference…

I want to thank everyone who has been such an intricate part of my growth during the past 27 months already at VMware. This includes: Jim Senicka, Kyle Gleed, Kaushik Banerjee, Tom Stephens, Harry Smith, Ben Sier, Alan Renouf, Salil Suri, Charu Chaubal, and many other colleagues who have made this an awesome journey and experience so far (you all know who you are, I chat with you all the time 😉 )

And so it begins… a new year, and a new role… I’ll still be quite active on Twitter and expect to continue creating great relationships with my colleagues and customers, as your friendships are what make this journey fun, and your experiences with our products and technologies are what I lean on for feedback towards making even better products for tomorrow!


  1. LucD

    Congratulations Brian.
    It was fun interacting with you, and I definitely hope to be able to do that in your new role as well.
    Don’t be a stranger now 🙂

    All the best in your new role, but I’m sure you’ll excel there as well.

  2. Justin

    Happy for you Brian!! I know you earned it.

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