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Automatically Disable SSL – VMware Converter

After doing WAY too many conversions with converter I decided I was sick and tired of turning off the SSL encryption manually, closing the open files and folders, and restarting the  VMware converter worker service. I decided to automate it all. I created a folder and added it in with the rest of the Conversion files I throw on the machines I convert.

If you’ve disabled the SSL encryption before you will know that different operating systems have the converter-worker.xml file located in different locations. I used to just have a notepad document with the different locations. What I’ve done in this automation is take I’ve added in the correct file locations within the batch file for each OS.

You will want to run the batch file AFTER you have installed the converter, but before running the converter.

You will see there are two files (see the zip folder below):

  • Converter SSL Disabler.bat
  • changeworker.vbs

The batch file works by:

  • Determining the Operating System of the server
  • Invokes the ‘Changeworker.vbs’ script toe change the ‘Converter-worker.xml’ file’s <UseSSL> value to ‘False’
  • Saves the file
  • Stops the ‘VMware Converter Worker’ service
  • Starts the ‘VMware Converter Worker’ service

Once the batch file finishes you will be good to run the converter without SSL encryption.


(Updated 3/6/2013)*

Click Here to Download The Automated Scripts*



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  1. Paul Braren

    Nice piece of work Brian, thank you!
    I’ve appended a link to this site, at the end of my related article here:
    Even though I published that ~15 months ago, it’s still very popular, since not much has changed with VMware Converter, and it sure is slow by default!

    1. Brian Graf

      Thanks Paul. the converter is definitely widely used and is still quite the topic. I’m finishing up (this week hopefully) a v1.0 Converter best practices, Do’s/Don’ts, and FAQ. I’ll let you know when it’s complete.

  2. Vladan

    Goot tip, I’ve included link to this post from my “Free VMware Tools” page: http://www.vladan.fr/free-tools-vmware/

    Keep it up -:)

  3. Neb85

    Nice script, works well, and saves time. Thank you.

  4. Mick

    So I did all this and still INCREDIBLY slow. Transfer rate was 3.7meg before, and was 3.7 after (and now down to 3.26). If I open task manager it shows connection at 1g and network utilization is at 2.9%. 500G machine transfer started at 9pm saturday, supposed to complete at 8am monday. If anybody has any idea what is still wrong here, or what can be tweaked on the server itself or still on the client I’d love to hear it. I’ve tried converting the ‘powered on machine’ as well as doing it from a backup and both performed just as abysmally. Any time I don’t spend transfering, is time I can spend making sure the thing is good togo before everyone comes back in on monday… If anybody’s got any input or suggestions, i’d sure appreciate it!

  5. John

    Is it normal to still get the SSL Cert warning after SSL is disabled?

    Thank you

  6. KennY

    Thank you very much this is a blessing in from you. I appreciate everything =)

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