Mar 20

Automate vSphere Update Manager 6.0 installation (VUM)

As I’ve been working with vSphere 6 for a while now, and have done my fair share of vCenter 6 deployments. I decided I should automate the deployment of Update Manager 6 (VUM) as well.

Creating the automation for Update Manager was a little tricky as it turns out that the example documentation is not fully accurate. In fact, the examples shown will not work, no matter how you try to tweak it. I’ve raised this issue with the VUM team and the documentation will be updated for future releases. In the meantime, let’s jump in to deploying vSphere Update Manager 6 via PowerShell.

The first example is using an external database. You must also have the DSN setup correctly on the installer machine. You should test the DSN settings to ensure they are successful before proceeding.

You’ll need to update the variables in the first portion of the script below to include the path to the VUM installer, DSN information, and vCenter information. Once that is all setup, you should be able to run the script and watch it go:

VUM installation with  External Database:

VUM Install

VUM installation with bundled Database:

Untested… Will be posting on this in the future


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