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Oct 17

vSphere 6.5: vSphere HA What’s New – Part 1 – UI

Ok! Let’s go! vSphere HA has had a little bit of an organizational redesign. I’ll say again here what I did in my Proactive HA blog post HERE: (Ok, Pause!) Now before everyone freaks out, let me explain why this doesn’t say vSphere HA. When we added this feature [Proactive HA], although it leverages DRS …

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Feb 20

Embedding Music in the vSphere 6.0 Web Client login page?

  This is just a simple addition to the blog post “How to customize the new vSphere 6.0 Web Client login UI?” by William Lam Take a look in his GitHub repo HERE for custom logins that have been created so far. I’m not going to discuss how to customize the login page, but since I …

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Jun 10

“Move” button in Datastore Browser Copies in vSphere 5.5

Yet another reason to get comfortable and start using the vSphere Web-Client. It appears that in vSphere 5.5 if you are using the c# client and decide to “move” a folder or items using the ‘move’ icon, vSphere will actually create a copy of the files at the destination folder until all data exists at …

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