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Nov 18

vSphere 6.5 – Automate VCSA Backup

Preface I recently attended the Orlando VMUG Usercon and had been discussing many of the great features of the vSphere 6.5 release that was announced at VMworld Barcelona. I began to chat with Rob P., an attendee of the conference, about VCSA backup. Paraphrasing part of our chat he asked “I saw that you can …

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Oct 17

Restarting vCenter Services in vSphere 6.5

  Gone are the days of /etc/init.d for vSphere services. VMware has come up with a better method to handle working with the services and watchdogs that were in vSphere 6 (and yes, there were many)! VMON now simplifies the watchdog services as well as provides a framework for handling services, APIs, and CLIs moving forward. …

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Oct 17

vSphere 6.5: vSphere HA What’s New – Part 2 – Admission Control

In Part 1, I go over the changes to the vSphere Availability UI. You can see that post HERE: I wanted to take some time to focus on what has changed with Admission Control since vSphere 6, as this is significant and has even received roomfuls of clapping from customers in our betas and on-sites, …

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Oct 17

vSphere 6.5: DRS what’s new – Part 2 – Predictive DRS

In Part 1, we discussed some of the updates in the UI as well as new advanced options, Network-Aware DRS, and a few algo enhancements. Read it HERE. Even though that blog post ended up being longer than my usual posts, there’s still additional greatness coming from DRS. I want to focus on Predictive DRS, what …

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Oct 12

Enabling ‘Latency-Sensitivity’ option on VMs – Should I do it?

I have had a number of customers ask me about this setting in the past few weeks, including a sitdown with a customer at VMworld Las Vegas. I then saw another question about this on Twitter and decided I should finish my post about this setting so everyone can benefit.   What is ‘Latency-Sensitivity’ and …

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Sep 22

New PowerCLI function: Get-DeployedProduct returns a list of products, versions, and important URLs

I’ve seen this question a few times and finally figured I’d throw something out on the web for folks.   For those of you still running the C# client (yes, I’m looking at you!) you may notice that some VM’s have Product, Version, and Vendor properties in the VM Summary page. In the example below, …

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Jan 08

Removing IP Pools Using PowerCLI

I recently had the need to create many IP Pools (also known as Network Protocol Profiles) for some projects I have been working on. I was able to flip through my copy of  “VMware vSphere PowerCLI Reference” and leverage a script on creating IP Pools. Not only did I need a way to create IP …

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Jul 21

VMworld 2015 San Francisco Sessions, Group Discussions, and Meet the Experts

For those of you interested in the topics that I will be covering either as a single presenter, or co-presenting, I thought it would be of benefit to post what the schedule is looking like for this year’s VMworld San Francisco. The meat of my content will be on Wednesday although there Alan Renouf and …

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Feb 20

Embedding Music in the vSphere 6.0 Web Client login page?

  This is just a simple addition to the blog post “How to customize the new vSphere 6.0 Web Client login UI?” by William Lam Take a look in his GitHub repo HERE for custom logins that have been created so far. I’m not going to discuss how to customize the login page, but since I …

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Jun 10

The 2014 New VMware Home Lab

A new year and a new set of criteria for my homelab. I’ve been dealing a lot with deploying the entire vCloud Suite and SDDC. In one month I had deployed over 800 VM’s in my homelab. that’s about 26/day 7 days per week. Doing this required a bit more hardware than my original home …

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Jun 09

Changing VM Boot Order with PowerCLI

There are times where I want to load a live cd on a Virtual Machine or I wish to change the boot order to a 2nd HDD for some testing/troubleshooting purposes. I got tired of restarting the virtual machines into the BIOS to change the boot order, so here is some code that should help …

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Jan 01

VMware Low Disk Space – What to do when you run out of room in your home lab

Depending on how much you spent creating your lab, you may find yourself running out of disk space sooner rather than later. This can be a frustrating experience, so I decided to do a quick post about several ways you can deal with this issue. 1. Create Linked Clones When working with limited disk space …

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Dec 16

vSphere 5.5 Upgrade Order

As more of you start moving towards vSphere 5.5 (which I strongly recommend), you should take into consideration how you plan on upgrading your products.

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Jan 29

Copy and Paste Between Your PC and vSphere Virtual Machines

Many people have the rude awakening when they first start creating their virtual environments that they can’t copy and paste between their PC and the VM they have open through vSphere. THERE IS A SOLUTION! and its quite simple:

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