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  1. Steve
    Steve at |

    Worked nice. I was just going to ignore the message but as this was easy I decided to change it. Booting from a 4GB USB.

  2. Ciaran
    Ciaran at |

    Great post….read some other articles but none were as clear as this as to how to format the entry for the path.
    Nice one and appreciated.

  3. Francisco Batista
    Francisco Batista at |

    What about vSphere Syslog Collector? Wouldn’t it also solve this problem\alarm?


  4. Joshua Townsend
    Joshua Townsend at |

    You should be able to automate this with PowerCLI – something like:

    get-vmhost | Set-VMHostAdvancedConfiguration Syslog.global.logDir “[]`/logs”

    my one-liner doesn’t quite work – a space is injected between the ] and /. Any suggestions?

  5. Abdul Mohsin
    Abdul Mohsin at |

    Thanks a lot.

    Great article..

    Resolved my issue.

    Best Regards.


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