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Nov 18

vSphere 6.5 – Automate VCSA Backup

Preface I recently attended the Orlando VMUG Usercon and had been discussing many of the great features of the vSphere 6.5 release that was announced at VMworld Barcelona. I began to chat with Rob P., an attendee of the conference, about VCSA backup. Paraphrasing part of our chat he asked “I saw that you can …

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Oct 18

vSphere 6.5 PowerCLI Module for Encrypted vMotion Management

If you haven’t seen my post on Encrypted vMotions already, click HERE to read about it. PowerCLI Module for Encrypted vMotion Last week as I was thinking about our new Encrypted vMotion feature, I thought “I wonder how we can consume this data at scale?” and ‘at scale’ for me meant anything greater than 5 …

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Oct 10

Help me, Help you – vSphere DRS Rules

I’ve now been in my Product Management role at VMware for 9 months and it has definitely had me going at 400 MPH every single day. It’s good though, I’m able to talk with customers, meet with you all at places like VMUGs and VMworld US (I won’t be in Barcelona this year while I’m …

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Sep 22

New PowerCLI function: Get-DeployedProduct returns a list of products, versions, and important URLs

I’ve seen this question a few times and finally figured I’d throw something out on the web for folks.   For those of you still running the C# client (yes, I’m looking at you!) you may notice that some VM’s have Product, Version, and Vendor properties in the VM Summary page. In the example below, …

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Jun 23

Get-View Part 3: Performance Impact – Is it really THAT much different?

In Get-View Part 1: Introduction I introduced the advanced feature Get-View and a little bit about what it does. In Get-View Part 2: Views and Extension Data I talked about how we can interact with the data found in Get-View and the ways we can grab that information. In Part 3, we discuss performance and speed…

Mar 12

Get-View Part 2: Views and Extension Data

In Get-View Part 1: Introduction I introduced the advanced feature Get-View and a little bit about what it does. Before getting into the views and extension data topic I wanted to add a few thoughts as a segway into this post. Part 1: Introduction Part 2: Extension Data Part 3: Performance Impact

Feb 01

Get-View Part 1: Introduction to Get-View

I’ve had several people ask to understand more about Get-View. I will be doing several blog posts on this topic to hopefully help educate on what Get-View is and why it’s useful. Part 1: Introduction Part 2: Extension Data Part 3: Performance Impact ***Note: Get-view is a more advanced feature of PowerCLI. Administrators are able …

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Jan 13

Renamed Cmdlets in PowerCLI 6

One of the many enhancements found in PowerCLI 6 R1 is that several cmdlets were renamed. This was done in an effort to better align with Microsoft’s cmdlet naming standard and to be consistent across products. This will also help individuals learn the PowerShell and cmdlet names faster because of the consistency. So, what changed?

Jan 09

Automating Sysprep File Transfer to vCenter

I was at my local Salt Lake City VMware User Group (VMUG) last week doing a Q&A when one of the users mentioned it is painful to only be able to upload one Sysprep file at a time to vCenter. I wanted to take the time to address this for him as well as any …

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Jan 08

Removing IP Pools Using PowerCLI

I recently had the need to create many IP Pools (also known as Network Protocol Profiles) for some projects I have been working on. I was able to flip through my copy of  “VMware vSphere PowerCLI Reference” and leverage a script on creating IP Pools. Not only did I need a way to create IP …

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Nov 08

PowerCLI 5.5 r2 New Feature: Set vMotion Priority

In the latest release of PowerCLI (5.5 r2), is a new feature allowing us to set the vMotion priority of a VM. The ability to set vMotion priority is not new to vSphere. The feature was first introduced in vSphere 4.1. However, up until now, vMotions occuring through the use of the PowerCLI “Move-VM” command …

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Nov 05

Automate VMware Tools Shared Product Locker Configuration (Script)

In collaboration with my official (corporate) blog post on VMware Tools 10 deployment, I created a script that, if you take care of the pre-reqs, will save you OODLES OF TIME! and yes, I did just say oodles! Take a look through the official blog post before continuing, otherwise the script might not make too …

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Aug 13

Automate the Install of Embedded Host Client for ESXi fling on all hosts in a cluster

It’s true! If you are reading this then you already know that there is a new VMware fling that rocks this world! You can read more about it on William Lam’s blog HERE: Now, to be able to use the Embedded Host Client for ESXi fling, you will need to: download the VIB from the …

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Jul 20

PowerActions won’t uninstall – Unregister lookup service object

Poweractions is one of the best flings ever created in my opinion. If you do not know what PowerActions is, you can find out more about it HERE: I ran into an issue where I was trying to update PowerActions.

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Apr 08

Automate Log Insight Content Packs with PowerCLI

Not too long ago I wrote a blog article on my blog about automating the deployment and configuration of Log Insight using PowerCLI. I’ve had many people ask if there is a way to automate the import process of Content Packs as well. Is it Possible?

Apr 03

Assess the impact of TPS changes of vSphere 6

We’ve been talking about this now for a few months and at the beginning of the year Mark Achtemichuk (@vmMarkA) came to me to ask if we could create a tool to report on the TPS savings that may be lost when moving to vSphere 6 if using the default TPS settings. We came up …

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Apr 02

Avoid PowerCLI Startup failures with this simple script

I blogged about this on the VMware PowerCLI blog but I figured it was important enough that I’d spread it around a little as well. With PowerCLI 6.0 R1 moving to PowerShell Modules rather than PSSnapins, users may find themselves needing to make some logic statements in all of their scripts to accommodate. The easiest …

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Apr 01

PowerCLI For Tenants Merges into PowerCLI 6.0 R1 Installer

It’s a great day in PowerCLI! As of PowerCLI 6.0 R1, we have merged the PowerCLI for Tenants installer into the core PowerCLI installer. Now customers only need to download a single installer for all PowerCLI use-cases. When installing PowerCLI you will be prompted to choose which ‘Features’ you would like to install. Why is …

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Mar 30

vCloud Air Meets PowerCLI

Did you see that PowerCLI now connects to vCloud Air? Did you also see that we there is a great vCloud Air Meets PowerCLI blog series being posted on the page?

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